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What is Kajabi? A Review of this All-in-One Online Business Solution

kajabi reviews Mar 07, 2022

Are you running an online business and getting bogged down managing tools instead of creating content — the thing you really LOVE?!

If you’re like me, you’d much rather spend time creating awesome content instead of mastering multiple tools (or dealing with the technical issues that are bound to happen with each one).  

And if your business relies on selling courses, memberships, or other knowledge resources, keep reading. 

There is one tool you need to start using in 2022 that’ll take care of everything — website hosting, course building, membership sites, email marketing, and more. That tool is Kajabi

In 2019, I switched to Kajabi and it’s made running my business so much simpler. I want you to be able to run your business more smoothly too, so I created this guide to help you understand what Kajabi does and why you should start using it. Keep reading to learn:

  • What is Kajabi? 

  • What is Kajabi used for?

  • Which tools does Kajabi replace?

  • Why do you need Kajabi? (9 reasons)

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi started as an online course hosting platform but has expanded to become an all-in-one online business solution

Trusted by 50,000+ entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers, it gives you everything you need — from website hosting to email marketing — for your knowledge business. 

What is Kajabi used for?

I used Kajabi to replace all seven individual tools I was using to run my business. Here’s a breakdown of what that looked like — and how much it cost — before  Kajabi:

  • WordPress for my website: free
  • Bluehost website hosting plan: starts at ~$10 per month
  • ConvertKit for email marketing: starts at ~$50 per month
  • ClickFunnels for sales funnel: starts at $97 per month
  • Leadpages for landing pages: starts at ~$27 per month
  • Teachable for hosting courses: $27 per month + 5% fee on each sale 

Plus, updating WordPress plugins was always a huge pain. If you’re not super technical and you’ve  ever experimented with the plugins on your WordPress website, you know how easily your site can break just by changing one small thing. 

Not only was I paying more than $200 a month for all these tools, but trying to get them to communicate with each other was painful! Everything was a huge mess, and having limited technical knowledge, I ended up spending more time on managing all these tools than on creating content, serving my customers and developing paid products that would grow my business. 

Then I found Kajabi.

 If you would like to try out Kajabi for FREE, use my link to Get a free 30-day trial of Kajabi! Plus, you'll get a FREE 45-Minute One-on-One Zoom Call with me, My brand new course "Kajabi Accelerator" & The $25,000 Course Launch Email Template! Get started at

Which tools does Kajabi replace?

Kajabi replaced all the tools I was using to run my knowledge business at a much lower cost — it saves me more than 2,000 bucks annually. 

You can use Kajabi for:

✅ Website building

✅ Website hosting

✅ Building and hosting an online course

✅ Running a membership site

✅ Maintaining a membership community

✅ Creating landing pages

✅ Creating sales funnels

✅ Payment processing 

No more wondering about where to host your membership site or which combination of plugins to use to make it all work. That’s the beauty of an all-in-one tool. 

Why do you need Kajabi? 9 Reasons to make the switch in 2022

Hey, I get it. Switching tools can seem a little daunting (even if you’re frustrated). If you’re not convinced quite yet, here are nine reasons why you should switch your online knowledge business to Kajabi. 

1. You only need to learn one tool

The most obvious benefit of Kajabi is that you only need to learn how to use one tool to run your business. Don’t waste any more time watching ClickFunnels tutorials trying to figure out how to set up a sales funnel. Once you learn how to use Kajabi, you don’t have to learn anything else — Kajabi automatically integrates everything you need! 

2. It’s simple to use

If you’re only going to learn one tool to run your online course, membership site or other kind of knowledge business, it helps if that tool is drop-dead simple to use. You don’t need technical experience to use Kajabi and everything is intuitive. If you do need help while using Kajabi’s features, the support team gets back to you quickly. 

3. It’ll grow your business

Kajabi has so many useful features to help you grow your business that you feel like you have superpowers. From tracking metrics such as net revenue or average revenue per user to gaining more opt-ins, it gives you the  tools to get more conversions and reach your income goals as an entrepreneur. 

4. You get to focus on what you love

One of my favorite things about Kajabi is that it takes care of all the technical stuff so I can focus more on doing what I love: creating content. I love writing, creating courses, doing coaching sessions, and recording podcasts. I want to spend my time on those activities — not on getting bogged down with complex software. 

5. It’ll help you automate processes

Whose business couldn’t benefit from more automation? And it’s not just a nice-to-have. I was sick with COVID-19 for two weeks and completely out of commission. I couldn’t work for those two weeks but Kajabi kept running my business for me. During those two weeks, I got 300 opt-ins. Those 300 people were put through my automatic welcome sequence with an opportunity to buy my course. I made $1,535 from course sales alone — while I was out sick — with Kajabi’s automation. 

6. You’ll save money (and get more value!)

The basic plan with Kajabi starts at $119 per month. That might sound like a lot, but when you add up the cost of all the separate tools you use to run your online business, you’ll probably notice that you spend well over that. By switching to Kajabi, I gained a tool that comes with everything I need plus I save over $2,000 a year. Financially, it’s a no-brainer.

7. It’ll help you create clean designs

The user interface on Kajabi is clean and aesthetically gorgeous. When you design your courses and website, you can also customize everything to match your brand and look exactly the way you want it to. 

8. It helps you track subscriber activity

Kajabi lets you keep track of each subscriber and look at their activity. You know which emails they click on, the landing pages they visit, and which emails were sent to them. You can see where each subscriber is in the buying process and better understand what leads people to buy your courses. This is gold!  

9. You get more control over your business 

With other tools, your business model is limited to what the tool can offer. With Kajabi, you have more flexibility — especially when it comes to offering courses. For example, Kajabi lets you bundle courses together, add different offers, and even present them to a certain segment of your audience. Kajabi has the versatility to let you run your online knowledge business how you want. 

Final thoughts on using Kajabi for your online business 

Online businesses have a lot of moving parts. And staying on top of all those elements isn’t easy when you use multiple tools that don’t communicate with each other (I probably don’t need to tell you that!). 

With Kajabi, you have an all-in-one solution for your business that’s simple to use, affordable, and versatile. I can’t recommend it highly enough; it’s transformed my business. 

 If you would like to try out Kajabi for FREE, use my link to Get a free 30-day trial of Kajabi! Plus, you'll get a FREE 45-Minute One-on-One Zoom Call with me, My brand new course "Kajabi Accelerator" & The $25,000 Course Launch Email Template! Get started at

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