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Why I plan to make as much money as possible (It's not what you think)

online business Mar 16, 2023

I realized something recently.

For as much as I talk about how to make money online and make it grow passively, I've never clarified a pretty stinking important question: Why?

Why make a lot of money?

Why try to grow your business' revenue?

Why aim for massive income goals?

Is it wrong? Is it the root of all evil? Does it make you one of those evil greedy people?

I have worked through a process in my own heart and life where I am perfectly comfortable aiming for massive income goals.

In fact, I plan to make as much money as possible.

And there are three reasons why. These three reasons likely apply to you as well.

If you've ever struggled with a limiting mindset around income, this video will help you develop a better framework for it.

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