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#016 The #1 Reason People FAIL at Online Business

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2024

TSFF #016

The #1 Reason People FAIL at Online Business

I've built a multiple six-figure online business, and I've helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs get their start online.

There is one thing that makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail:

People who succeed treat it like a business, but people who fail treat it like a hobby.

I'm going to give you five differences between treating this like a business and treating it like a hobby so that you can make sure that you are doing the right things and growing a business instead of a hobby that just takes up your time and doesn't give you anything in return.

Difference #1

People who fail make content when they feel like it.
People who succeed make content consistently.

People who treat it like a hobby, they make content sporadically. Maybe they'll make 10 videos in 10 days, and then you don't hear from them for 3 weeks. Or they make a video every day for three days, and then they're gone for 6 months. That's a hobby. It does not make a business.

To make a business, you have to show up with consistent, helpful, relevant content every single week.

It is way better to post once a week but do it consistently for a year than it is to post three times a week and fizzle out after two months.

The person who posts once a week for a year is going to build a stronger connection over time with an audience of people who know them, like them, and trust them, than the person who posts three times a week for two months and then disappears.

Difference #2

People who fail make content about a topic.
People who succeed make content that solves a problem.

People who treat this like a hobby build their business about a topic.

They merely make content about something.
They build a course about something.

The people who treat this like a business make content that solves a problem.
They make courses that solve a problem.
They make offers that solve a problem.

It's not just about a topic or about a niche. It's not just musings and things that they're interested in. That does not gather an audience of interested potential customers. That might just gather an audience of people who also want to hear about that topic.

And if that's your goal, it's a hobby which is totally fine, but it's not an online business.

Difference #3

People who fail make content they like.
People who succeed make content their audience wants and needs.

This is a hard one because you'll get into this and you're going to want to make content that you like, that interests you.

And that's totally fine if it's a hobby.

But if it's a business, you cannot think primarily about what you like.

You have to think about your ideal customer and your target audience:

  • What do they want and what do they need?
  • What problem did they come to you to solve?
  • Are you hitting the mark with your content?

Difference #4

People who fail are focused on views and follows.
People who succeed are focused on growing their email list.

If somebody treats this like a hobby, their primary question is, "How can I get more views and follows?"

If somebody treats this like a business, their primary question is, "How can I get more people on my email list?"

The person who looks at this like a hobby is saying, "I just want people to watch my content, click the thumbs up, and make me feel good with vanity metrics."

But the person who treats this like a business understands the power of their email list. They understand that views and clicks have to add up to a whole heck of a lot in order to start making some substantial money.

But if they know how to make a compelling offer they will make way more money from one email subscriber than from a thousand followers on social media.

The business owner is asking themselves, "How can I create offers that the people who watch my content, get my lead-magnet, end up on my email list, and are going through my email funnel are going to be eager to buy?

And how can I create offers that are so compelling and amazing - whether it's my online courses, my membership site, my coaching package - how can I create an offer that's irresistible to those people?"

When I treat this like a business, I'm not relying on an ad program or somebody wanting me to do a sponsored post.

I have a targeted list of leads who came to me because they had a problem, and my content solved it.

Because they came to me, and now they're on my email list, I can serve them at an even deeper level with a compelling, irresistible offer.

Difference #5

When this is a hobby it takes your time and gives nothing in return.
When this is a business it replaces your income and gives you back your time.

When this is a hobby, it takes your time and gives little back.

If it's a business, it eventually replaces your income and gives you way more time than you've ever had before.

And that's really what makes it worth pursuing this as a business, because it has the capacity to dwarf anything you've ever created income-wise in a fraction of the time that it would have taken if you were just trading time for money.

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