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Starting an online business is NOT risky (4 reasons)

online business Sep 30, 2022

When I left my 9-5 job to go full-time with my online business two years ago, this is a lot of what I heard from people:

-Woah! That's risky!
-You know, most businesses fail. Good luck!
-That takes courage because it's so unstable to have a business.

I'd nod my head but silently chuckle to myself because I knew something they didn't: Starting a business might be risky, but starting an ONLINE business simply is NOT.

How can I make such a preposterous claim? I've lived it, and I'll tell you my experience and that of so many online business owners I've worked with.

If you've ever considered starting an online business but worried about the "risks," I made this video for you.

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