Kajabi: Build Your First Lead Magnet (Day 8 of 90) Crush it on Kajabi

online business Jul 23, 2021

Anytime I coach an online business owner one-on-one, the very first question I ask them is, "How do you get leads?"

Often they will tell me one or more of the following:
-Word of mouth
-Facebook Ads
-Cold Calling/Emailing

While all of those methods can be fine (perhaps with the exception of cold calling), when it comes to online business, what I am wanting to hear is this: content.

In online business, content is the best tool you have to driving leads to your email list. What you put on YouTube, your podcast, Tiktok, etc. can do wonders to prove your authority in your niche, build trust and generate leads.

But.. this does not happen by accident! You need a compelling Lead-Magnet. In this video, I'll show you a simple way to make two different kinds of lead magnets so you can get started building yours right away.

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