10 Days to $10k on Kajabi

kajabi Aug 29, 2022

When I first started blogging and making videos on YouTube, I had no idea how to build a business - much less grow one!

All I knew was that I had a passion to help pastors with their preaching and if I could make some extra money along the way, that would be great!

Fast forward to today and this has turned into a multiple six-figure business that provides a great life for my family and me - and I get to do what I love!

Can't beat that, right?

Nothing fires me up more than to help other people start and grow their own online businesses. Businesses that can make them life-changing passive income.

I truly believe that everyone has something they're great at. Something they know more about than most people. Something they could talk about for hours. Something other people would gladly pay to learn from them.

I'm sure you do, too.

Usually it's the thing you wouldn't even consider because it's so commonplace to you.

Don't believe me? I've worked with hundreds of people who took their unique skill and turned it into an online business that generates passive income for them.

Here are just a few recent ones that come to mind:

A dog trainer who took his dog training business online with online courses and coaching.
A fitness trainer who now works with people online instead of just in-person.
A therapist who added to his in-person practice with online course options.
A baseball player who teaches little league kids how to play the position of catcher.
A guy who rented his car for money and now teaches people how to start their own car rental side hustle.
A public school teacher who creates online courses to help parents with their kids' homework.
Even a hypnotist who helps people with mindfulness and stuff (I don't even fully understand it, but it sounded cool;)
The point is, you can make an online business out of any skill, experience or knowledge you have.

You just have to start. And I'm going to help you with that!

Starting Monday, August 22, I'm going live on my YouTube channel every day for 10 days!

I'm calling it 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi.

I will walk you through step-by-step exactly how to build your business to $10,000 a month on Kajabi, the platform I use to power both of my online businesses.

And we'll do live Q&A every day!

This is going to be massively valuable for anyone looking to get started in online business.

WATCH NOW: Why Kajabi? - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day ONE

WATCH NOW: Your Business Idea - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day TWO

WATCH NOW: Your Business Infrastructure - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day THREE

WATCH NOW: Your Content Plan - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day FOUR

WATCH NOW: Building a Coaching Program - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day FIVE

WATCH NOW: Build Your Mini Course - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day SIX

WATCH NOW: Launching Your Mini Course - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day SEVEN

 WATCH NOW: Building Your Flagship Course - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day EIGHT

 WATCH NOW: Launching Your Flagship Course - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day NINE

WATCH NOW: Your Evergreen Online Business Machine - 10 Days to $10k on Kajabi - Day TEN

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