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#017 Three Biggest Mistakes Content Creators Make

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2024

TSFF #017

3 Biggest Mistakes Content Creators Make

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In online business, there is almost nothing more important than content.

Content is what draws an audience of people to you. It does the heavy lifting in your online business. It builds your "know, like, and trust" factor.

People watch your content, they're helped by it, they get your lead magnet, they get on your email list, and they're presented with your offers (aka, you make money).

Content is the front door. It is so vital.

So it's important to make sure that you're not making one of these three common mistakes that people make with their content. I have seen these across the board. I have made some of these mistakes myself.

I've created hundreds of videos between the channels that I've run. I've also coached a lot of people as they've gotten their start in online business, and I've looked at their content strategy, and I've seen these mistakes across the board.

I want to go through each one of these so that you can avoid them for yourself.

Mistake #1 Content that doesn't solve a problem.

Your content cannot just be about something. It can't just be about your idea or about your niche.

It has to solve a problem.

It has to be something that when somebody goes to YouTube, for example, and they put in the search bar a question or a problem, and your video ends up on the other side of that search, it must solve their problem.

If you don't solve their problem with your content, if it doesn't help them, then it's not going to work.

Mistake #2 Content that holds back too much.

The second mistake that people make with their content is holding back too much. This really comes from a place of scarcity and fear. The fear is "if I give away too much in my free content, then what is left for me to charge for?"

And so what happens is people end up doing what's called teaser content, where their free content really doesn't teach anything or give any hard skills. It's more just kind of to get people's interest piqued about their paid content. It's basically just a glorified set of infomercials.

The problem with that is people hate it because it wastes their time. It's like, unless I buy from you, you're not going to help me. So it frustrates people.

It also prevents you from building the kind of "know, like, and trust" deep relationship that you could build with an audience if you made content that was substantive.

This is because when people watch your content, they're making judgments.

They're trying to decide...

Is this person's content helping me?

Is it solving my problem?

Is it teaching me something?

Can I use it?

This is why you need to have consistent, helpful, relevant content every single week, at least one piece of pillar consistent, helpful, relevant content every week, because you need people to consistently see that you're showing up and you're actually delivering something of value. That if they never bought anything from you, they would still be served just by your free content. Don't hold back.

Mistake #3 Content that has no call-to-action.

The third mistake people make is they don't have a clear call to action.

I mentioned that your content needs to be consistent, helpful, and relevant, but there's a fourth quality that your content needs to have, and that is bridge.

It needs to be consistent, helpful, relevant, and it needs to bridge to your email list.

In other words, you want to make bridge content and not dead-end content.

A lot of times, the mistake people make is they will finish a piece of content, and say, "That's it for this one, see you in the next video."

Dead end. No call to action. Nothing that would get that person from that piece of content to your email list.

I cannot stress this enough: Every main pieces of content you make, every single piece, needs to have a call to action to your lead-magnet.

If a single piece of content doesn't have a call to action, what happens if that single piece of content just blows up? You never know which ones are going to pop off and get tons of views.

So what happens if it goes viral, and yet there's nothing that draws people from that directly to your email list?

Don't make that mistake. I've made that mistake and lived to regret it.

If you clear up those three mistakes with your content, you'll be well on your way to a content strategy that does what it's supposed to do: build your know, like, and trust factor, reach out, pull the people in that are interested in your topic, and prove your worth. This will give you validity in their mind so that they want to go even deeper with you into the rest of your offers. 

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