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#012 How to know what online course to create

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2024

TSFF #012

How to Know What Online Course to Create

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If you're new to online business and trying to decide what online course to create, this post will guide you.

What course to create is an important decision.

Creating the wrong course can leave you feeling like a failure, with all your efforts seemingly wasted. It's crucial to build a course that people genuinely want to buy—a course that addresses a real need and solves a problem.

I'll share insights on how to ensure the course you create aligns with your audience's desires and is something they're willing to invest in.

Your course must solve a problem

People are not looking for more information, they want transformation.

They want a clear and direct path.

Your course should be an aggregator, taking all the information about what your students COULD do and distilling it into a step by step plan for what they SHOULD do.

If done right, this type of course solves a problem.

Use the Escape/Arrival paradigm

Focus on outlining a clear, measurable path forward. Think of it as guiding individuals from their current state of confusion to their desired outcome.

I like to think of this as escape and arrival...

What are you helping people escape from? (where they are stuck)

What are you helping them arrive to? (where they want to go)

What are the milestones they need to learn or do along the way? 

As you guide people in their journey from a place they wish to escape to a destination they hope to reach, it's essential to pinpoint the key milestones along the way.

These milestones serve as the foundation for the lessons within your course.

For a mini course, these milestones become lessons. For a flagship course, the milestones become modules.

Analyze feedback & look for patterns

To really pinpoint where your people are stuck and how you can best help them, analyze the feedback you receive from your audience. Dive into your comments, emails, and DMs; pay close attention to the pain points and areas where they feel stuck. 

You should also ask your audience directly. Pose two simple questions: "Where are you stuck?" and "What are you wanting to do?" By exploring these aspects within your niche, you gain valuable insights that shape the framework of your course.

Look for recurring patterns. When you start noticing consistent themes—where many individuals are stuck in a particular area, it's a good indication that you can help them with a course.

Offer one-on-one coaching

The next step in this journey is one-on-one coaching. Here, you take the foundational feedback you've gathered and dive much deeper into individual needs. 

The beauty of one-on-one coaching is you can start doing it right away. You don't need a big audience or a fully developed product. Simply create content and extend the offer inviting your audience to participate in personalized coaching sessions. 

When you coach people, you gain invaluable insights into what your audience truly needs.

Test your course first as a live cohort

If you want to make this process completely airtight, do a live course with a small group based on the material you plan to teach in the course. This interactive approach allows you to refine your content in real-time, ensuring that it aligns closely with your audience's needs.

I've created a YouTube playlist to guide you through this process, covering everything from assembling your course to effectively marketing and pricing it. 

In essence, the approach involves outlining the structure of your course and inviting a small group of people to join you on the journey over several weeks. I typically recommend a six-week timeframe, with one session held each week. Incorporating live Q&A sessions into these sessions adds so much to the experience both for you and for your participants.. You can even introduce a community aspect if you want.

The beauty of live courses is the real-time feedback you receive.

Your students will ask questions, seek clarification, and share insights, providing you with immediate insights into what resonates and what needs improvement.

You'll gain invaluable knowledge about what truly drives results.

Create and launch your digital course

When it's time to transition your live sessions into a polished digital course, you'll have refined your content based on firsthand experience and feedback. The end result? A meticulously crafted course that addresses actual audience needs and delivers results! 

Plus, those who participated in your live cohort will likely provide glowing testimonials, further validating the value of your offering.

Putting it all together

In summary, here is everything you need to do...

  1. Your course needs to solve a problem so be clear about what problem it solves.
  2. Use the Escape/Arrival paradigm to map out a tentative outline for your course.
  3. Get feedback from people and look for patterns.
  4. Coach people one-on-one so that you can see first-hand what works.
  5. Test your course first as a live cohort course.
  6. Create your course now that you know exactly what your audience wants. 


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