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#011 The ONLY Six Tools You Need for Your Online Business

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2024

There are only six tools you need to start an online business, and they're simple.

If you've been hesitant to start because you think it's too complicated or expensive, I'll show you how uncomplicated and inexpensive it actually is.

Most of these tools are either things you already have or they're low-cost (or even free). 

#1 Camera (Your smartphone)

The first tool you need is a camera, and most people already have a smartphone with a camera that rivals professional setups. You can always upgrade later on, but for now your phone is a amazing choice. And this is especially true if you record with good lighting. 

And when it comes to video, the audio is just as important - if not more important. But your phone has a good microphone built in.

To get the best sound with your phone do two things: 

1) Put some blankets and pillows in the room you're recording (out of the view of the camera) to absorb the echo. 

2) Put the phone no more than 24 inches from your face. This will ensure that your voice is picked up clearly in the phone's mic.

When the time comes that you want to upgrade your sound, I recommend the Shure SM7B which I review in this video.

#2 Lighting (Face a window)

Expensive lighting isn't necessary either—you can utilize natural sunlight from a window. You just need your face lit up well so that it looks natural. Sunlight is the absolute best for this. 

When the time comes that you want to upgrade your lighting, this is the light I use.

#3 Content Platform (Start with YouTube)

My recommendation is YouTube, but if video isn't your preference, consider starting a podcast. Here is a video I made comparing the two.

Your content platform needs to attract an audience, whether it's through TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or another medium.

Making content on any of these platforms is free and has numerous advantages, including access to an existing audience that is looking for content on the platform.

You want to be on a platform where you can actively engage with your audience and attract them to your brand.

#4 Graphics (Use Canva)

Canva is a free tool great for creating YouTube thumbnails, social media graphics, and graphics for your online course when you reach that stage in your business.

I use Canva Pro, which is a paid subscription, but the free version served me well for several years.

I even have a video detailing how I use Canva to create my YouTube thumbnails—check it out here.

#5 Editing Software (Use ScreenFlow for Mac)

You'll need a video editing software, especially for creating online courses or YouTube videos.

I recommend Screenflow for Mac. Screenflow is excellent because it allows you to capture your screen for screenshare videos and it functions as editing software. You can use your camera alongside screen sharing, enabling you to seamlessly integrate different elements into your videos. If this sounds confusing, I have a video demonstrating how to use Screenflow for Mac to create online course videos.

You'll run this software on a laptop or desktop computer which I'm assuming you already have. If you don't have one, I use a MacMini and LOVE it for editing. It's inexpensive and powerful. I made a video about mine here.

#6 Online Business Platform (Use Kajabi)

Finally, you'll need an all-in-one platform for your online business. This platform will host your website, which is where you drive traffic to build your email list. You'll also need an email marketing service and a platform to host your online courses and community. Kajabi is the best all in one solution that does all of this and more. 

I can get you a 30-day free trial of Kajabi through my link at As a bonus, I offer a 45-minute call, my course, Kajabi Accelerator, and my 25k Course Launch Email Template to help you get the best start on Kajabi.

Kajabi saves you time and money by consolidating everything into one platform. This allows you to centralize your audience and convert them into customers or coaching clients.

That's All You Need

These six tools are all you need to get started...

  • a camera (your smartphone
  • lighting (a window)
  • a content creation platform (YouTube)
  • Canva for graphic design
  • Screenflow for editing
  • Kajabi to run your entire business

If you exclusively used these six tools for the next year you'd have a robust online business with all the tools required to run your online business for the foreseeable future.

So what's stopping you? Let's get the tools and start building that business you've been dreaming about!

If you want to learn how to integrate these tools into Kajabi, check out my video right here, which provides an in-depth walkthrough of Kajabi's functionalities to kickstart your online business effectively.

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