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#010 Should You Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel?

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2024

TSFF #010

Should You Start with A Podcast Or YouTube Channel?

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If you're just starting out an online business, you might be wondering whether you should start with a YouTube channel or jump straight into podcasting. I've built a multiple six-figure business using both a YouTube channel and podcast (and I love both), but if I were just starting out, which would I choose?

And more importantly, what would I recommend to you?

First we need to look at the differences between podcasting and YouTube because there are some important ones. Then we'll talk about what your goals are - because that matters more than anything. And finally, I'll give you my recommendation.

What are the Differences Between YouTube and Podcasting?

Difference #1: Podcasting has a larger barrier to entry

YouTube is largely where you post videos, and podcasting is mostly audio. Granted, YouTube has some audio content and podcasts may include some video. But generally speaking, YouTube is for video content, while podcasting is for audio.

If you're brand new to this, you may not realize that your podcast isn't actually hosted on Apple Podcasts or Spotify in the same way that your video is hosted on YouTube.

Instead, your podcast is hosted by you (using a software like Kajabi) and then distributed to those different platforms. Personally, I use Kajabi to run my entire online business, and Kajabi has a feature for hosting podcasts. So, my podcast is hosted on Kajabi and then distributed to platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

This difference in distribution means that podcasting requires a specific place where its hosted, owned by you.

But with YouTube videos, you can simply start a channel and upload content. YouTube takes care of hosting and making the videos available.

So there's a bit more of a barrier to entry with podcasts, although tools like Kajabi have made it pretty simple.

Difference #2: YouTube has more capacity for exponential growth

Another difference worth considering is that YouTube functions as a search engine and, as a result, has more potential for exponential growth.

In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google, and both are owned by the same company, Alphabet.

When your videos are on YouTube, there's a high likelihood, if you do a few things right, that your video can rank high because YouTube will surface it when somebody searches for related keywords.

This is different with podcasts. Podcasts are not found as much through search; they tend to spread more by word of mouth. This is because you have a loyal, dedicated audience who loves listening to you and tells their friends about you, leading to growth over time. Building such an audience takes a long time, along with consistency and hard work.

It's not that YouTube doesn't require consistency and hard work—it certainly does—but YouTube does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. A video can really take off just because it's the right video at the right time, hitting the search or recommended videos. You don't often get that kind of exposure with podcasts. 

Difference #3: Podcasting is great for interviews, YouTube is great for talking-head teaching content

Often, when people think about podcasting, they think interviews, while they associate YouTube with talking head videos.

And this makes sense. Podcasts are a great forum for interview style content. If your content revolves more around conversations with others or sharing ideas without the need for visuals, then podcasting could be exactly what you're looking for.

That said, you can create talking head training content on podcasts and conduct interviews on YouTube—it's totally fine.

But, if you're planning to produce a strictly interview-style show, it aligns well with podcasting. If you intend to focus more on talking head training videos, YouTube might be the better platform for you, especially if your content involves a lot of screen sharing, demos, or tutorials, where visuals are needed.

Most important question: What are your goals?

I want to discuss your goals because this changes everything.

My goal on YouTube and my podcast isn't just views or listens—it's generating leads. I show up on YouTube consistently with relevant, helpful content to build my "know, like, and trust" factor with the right audience seeking this content. This encourages them to take a deeper step with me, perhaps by accessing my free resource, the Super Simple Guide to Your First $500 Online.

I aim to deliver the right content to the right audience and get them into my email list. From there, I can provide them with even more value and offer my paid products.

If you're starting an online business, I'd recommend having similar goals—focusing on creating the right content for the right audience and having an attractive lead magnet to guide them from your video or podcast episode to your email list, where you can further serve them.

I've built a multiple six-figure business with a small YouTube channel and targeted content, and I can guide you through the same process. But defining your goal is essential, especially if you're playing the long game.

Make your goal about generating leads, which is achievable both on YouTube and through your podcast.

So which is it? Start with a YouTube Channel or Podcast?

So, what should you start with: a YouTube channel or a podcast?

My answer is this: You should begin with a YouTube channel.

You can always add a podcast later, but if you're just starting out, I believe the barrier to entry is lower with YouTube. You also have a better capacity for reaching people, primarily because of the platform's powerful search function. It's the best way to generate a significant number of leads for your email list quickly.

While podcasting has its own set of strengths, I highly recommend considering it at some point.

But I would strongly suggest starting with a YouTube channel.

By the way, if you're interested in launching your own YouTube channel, I have a video just for you, it's a beginner's guide to YouTube.


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