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#009 When A Famous Author Told Me To Give Up

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2024

TSFF #009

When A Famous Author Told Me To Give Up


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Let me tell you why you should not give up on your dreams.

When I was but a mere aspiring author, I had an opportunity to show the first draft of my book to a guy who was a bestselling author and highly sought-after speaker.

He was (and still is) famous in Christian circles. He's sold millions of books, and speaks to audiences of thousands.

If I said his name (I want to, but I won’t so we keep this classy), you'd know who he is if you've ever been into reading Christian self-help type books.

The year was 2015

I had recently started my other online business, Preaching Donkey, which was growing. I had completed the first draft of my first book.

I was so thrilled to have an opportunity to talk to such a superstar about writing, publishing, and the entire author journey.

He took one look at my book, flipped through the pages, shrugged his shoulders and said, "No one is going to listen to you because you've never been a Lead Pastor. I don't know any lead pastors who would buy this book?"

It was as if every one of this words pierced through my soul and drained me of any desire to continue. 

I walked away completed deflated.

Had I wasted my time and energy writing a book no one would care about?

It turns out the best revenge in life is success.

So I let that vote of no confidence turn into a desire to prove him wrong. 

I published the dang book anyway.

That book went on to be a #1 Bestseller in its category on Amazon, it's been used as a textbook at seminaries, and I've received countless reviews and notes from pastors telling me it's helped them do their work better.

Further, Preaching Donkey has grown into a full-fledged online business with a complete suite of resources that equip pastors preach with confidence and clarity.

All the while, I've still never been a lead pastor. Take that famous author guy know-it-all!

Be careful whose words you let guide you

If I had let that one influential man's words dictate my journey instead of God's calling on my life, I would have given up on it.

People are going to say what they're going to say, don't let it hold you back - No matter how big of a deal they are. Use it as fuel, and let your work prove them wrong.

What is something you should do even though some may doubt you?


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