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#008 How to Plan a Year's Content in a Day

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2024

TSFF #008

How to Plan a Year's Content in One Day

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One of the biggest challenges I hear about from new online business owners or people who just want to start a YouTube channel or podcast is this:

What happens when I run out of content ideas? 
I only have like ten pieces of content that I could use, then what?

Running out of content ideas is a legitimate concern you might have as you’re starting out. But, I’m going to show you a method for planning your content that solves this problem. You’ll get an actionable guide for planning a year’s worth of content in one day.

But first, I need to address a common concern that many new online business owners have.

What if I run out of content ideas?

Short answer, you won’t.

If you set things up right, you can’t run out of ideas.

As you make content and build your audience and email list, you’ll get feedback and questions. Those questions and pieces of feedback produce a never-ending deep dive of content idea generation for you.

And even more importantly, it’s totally OKAY to make the same piece of content more than once!

You can revisit content you’ve made in the past and make it better. After all, it’s months or even years later, you’re a different person, your audience has grown and there are people eager to hear you teach it again.

With that concern out of the way...

Let’s create a year’s worth of content in one day.

First, your niche should already be nailed down.

Your niche is more than the “topic” you teach about, it’s the problem you solve.

Your niche is the marriage of who you help, what you help them with, and how you help them.

Assuming your niche is nailed down...

Break your main topic down into 4-5 content categories.

Consider these “buckets” for your content.

For example, in my other online business, Preaching Donkey, my niche is preaching. More specifically I help pastors preach with confidence and clarity.

I’ve broken that down into categories, or buckets, to organize my content and keep a balance. My buckets are sermon preparation, sermon delivery, church leadership and lessons for pastors. Between those four categories, I’m able to serve all my content needs.

Once you have 4-5 content buckets...

Make a list of 10-12 content ideas per category.

When you do this, focus on two things: A working title and a brief bulleted script.

Going back to Preaching Donkey, when planning I would take a category like sermon preparation and make a list of 10-12 possible titles and give a brief bulleted summary for each.

If you make a list of 10-12 ideas for each of your 4-5 buckets you'll have enough for one major piece of content per week for a year.

Okay, but if you're like me you're probably saying...

That's WHAT to do, But HOW do I do it?

The question you might be asking is, “Great, but where do I find my 10-12 ideas per category.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Look at your competitor’s top performing videos/content/posts. Don’t copy, but look for patterns and try to identify what works.
  2. Read through any comments, questions, feedback you’ve received from your audience.
  3. Ask your audience what they’d like to see from you.
  4. Put your keywords into YouTube’s search bar and see what the autofill gives you.

Finally, don’t overthink your content.

The key is consistency over a long period of time. Showing up every week is better than waiting to have the perfect inspiration.

The more you make content, the more efficient you’ll become at it.

And the more content you have out in the world, the more opportunities you have to attract leads to your business.



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