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#006 Saying "Money Doesn't Matter" is a Luxury of the Rich

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2024

TSFF #006

Saying "Money Doesn't Matter" is a Luxury of the Rich

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Saying "Money isn't everything" is a privilege of the rich.

When you have money, you can wax poetic about how unnecessary it is and how "money doesn't make you happy" 🙄

But when you don't have money, you don't say stuff like that because your life is substantially more difficult.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine what it would be like:

😔 -to not be able to pay your mortgage on time so you live in constant fear of foreclosure.

😔 -to not have the money to repair appliances when they break so you routinely go without your washer, dryer, oven or refrigerator.

😔 -to not have the money to keep your old, crappy car running so you're constantly concerned about getting to work because if it breaks down, you can't afford to repair it.

😔 -to not be able to keep functional air-conditioning in your car during the summer months so you're dripping with sweat every time you drive anywhere.

😔 -to not be able to afford dental care when you have an abscess tooth so you live with the pain for months.

😔 -to not have the money to repair your leaky roof so you have buckets all over your house - in every room- to collect the water when it rains, and you constantly worry about when the whole ceiling will finally collapse in on top of you.

😔 -to not be able to repair the garage door when it breaks so you nail up some plywood on top of it. And on top of ALL of those inconveniences, imagine still having a job that is a ton of work for very little pay with nearly no paid time off. You have no way of financially dealing with life's problems, and you don't have time to spare either.

Its all completely soul-crushing.

The person living in that situation doesn't have the luxury of sitting back, sipping a 14 dollar bottle of kombucha while confidently declaring "Money isn't everything" in between bites of avocado toast at their favorite brunch spot - and then feeling proud for having their priorities in place.

That is a luxury of the rich.

Because for the person struggling with the above situation, money is the ONE thing that would make ALL the difference to them.

It may not heal their relationships, mental health, self-image, but it would give them the margin to actually be able to deal with their relationships, mental health, and self-image.

I'm incredibly comfortable financially. I do not stress about paying bills - they're all automated anyway.

I make great money and my business is so automated that it demands very little of me most of the time. I could easily kick back at this point and say, "You know, money isn't that important."

But I can't say that. You know why?

Every single one of those scenarios I mentioned above are from my childhood. My family dealt with every single one of those struggles when I was growing up.

Every. Single. One.

I will never forget how much poverty absolutely freaking sucks to no end.

And I will never allow myself to become so detached that I start to think the amazingly comfortable, rich life I have is normal or to be taken for granted. It's a gift. And I'm thankful. Because I know exactly how it feels on the other end of things.

Let me tell you why this matters.

With an online business you have two distinct advantages over most people:

First, You can create large windfalls of money often.

When you launch a product - a course, community, coaching package, affiliate - you can produce thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars of income for yourself in a few days.

Aside from a bonus here or there, most people don’t have that ability. You do.

Second, There is no upper limit on your income. 

Your income knows no upper limit. When I was a pastor, there was a cap on what I would EVER make. There no longer is such a cap.

My income is only limited by my creativity and desire. If I want to make more, I can relatively easily make it happen.

In a lot of cases it’s just a matter of time.

With the right actions, my business will grow substantially year over year.

In 2021, I made $60,000 more than 2020. In 2022 I made $60,000 more than 2021. In 2023 I made $70,000 more than 2022. In 2024 I plan to blow the lid off all of it and 5X what I did last year.

There is no world in which I would have gotten such consistent, substantial raises as a pastor. Most people feel relieved if they, at least, get a 2% cost of living adjustment. For three straight years while working in a job, I didn’t even get that!

There is no limit on what you can make if you stick with it and do the right things consistently over time.

With that ability, comes great responsibility.

You and I, as business owners, have a responsibility to do a few things:

-to manage our money well,

-to be generous with it,

-to earn more of it by creating value that enriches the lives of others, and

-to provide ourselves and our families with a buffer against the type of gut-wrenching poverty I described earlier.

Keep building your business. You have the power to change your life and that of the people around you.


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