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#004 This ONE Thing Makes ALL the Difference (Grow your online business in 2024)

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2023
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TSFF #004

This ONE Thing Makes ALL the Difference (Grow your online business in 2024)

I have ZERO interest in owning a job. I want to run a business.

The difference is that when it's a business, you should have systems and people in place that allow you to walk away from it, and everything keeps running, and even growing, without you.

When you own a job, it just means you are self-employed but it's all on you. If you work, you get paid. If you don't work, you don't get paid.

That's a job, not a business.

And worse than a job, it's one in which you have to provide yourself all the benefits. Boo!

The difference between a job and a business are the systems, automations, and/or people you put in place to run it without you.

I use Tim Ferris' evaluation method of elimination, automation, and delegation to guard my business against becoming a job to which I'm tethered.

Here's how it works in 3 steps:

#1 Eliminate the Fluff

Get rid of anything in your business that doesn't have a direct connection to profit. Be ruthless about this, especially if you're a solopreneur. You don't have the luxury of fluff and fat in your business.

In the book, Marketing Made Simple, Donald Miller says that "Making money may not be the reason you're in business, but it will be the reason you stay in business." If you're doing a lot of things because it's what you see others doing - or you're stuck in the same pattern from when you had a job where "looking busy" was applauded while actual results were undervalued - you will eventually go out of business. 

Every year I evaluate my entire online business to see what needs to be eliminated. I've stopped doing things I liked doing - even things I'm good at -but weren't a productive use of my limited time and energy.

Have the courage to do less stuf so you can get more from the best few things that remain.

#2 Automate Whatever Possible

Create automations around anything that can be set up to run without you. I use software (mostly Kajabi) to run 90% of my business in the background of my life. This is THE most important step because if something can be "Set and Forget" you begin to experience true time freedom.

An example from my business is how I deliver my Kajabi bonuses to the people who use my link to start their free trial on Kajabi. It used to be a fairly manual process. They'd email me to let me know they joined with my link, then I'd email them their bonuses.

That worked when it was a handful of people. Now that it's several hundred, I've long since automated that process. When they join, they get an email immediately with a link to download their bonuses, access their free course and schedule their call with me.

I don't touch the process until I show up for our 45 minute, one on one call.

What in your business is currently done manually that could or should be automated?


#3 Delegate Everything that Remains

Finally, whatever can't be eliminated and can't be automated, delegate to another person (employee/contractor) or agency (done-for-you service).

For me, anything that doesn't require my voice or face, can be done by someone else. I am always working to delegate that out to free up time and make my business more passive.

I have a virtual assistant and an editor, but I have not utilized them to the extent I should have.

In 2024, I plan to take this to a whole new level as I'm working to scale my business at a more accelerated pace than ever before.

I hold on to work way longer than I should because delegating is a lot of work upfront. But, knowing the end result is going to free me up to stay in my sweet spot, it's worth the effort.

What should you delegate to someone else this year?

It's really that simple

Ensuring your business is not just a "job" you happen to own is not complicated. It's simple: Eliminate the fluff, automate whatever possible, delegate everything that remains. But just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. 

That's why I encourage you to take one step this week toward one of these actions. Could you eliminate something this week? Or perhaps there is something you should automate? Or maybe what you really need to do is finally hire that assistant? 

Making these moves consistently is what will give you the business - and life - that you envisioned when you got into this! I can't wait to see what you do.l


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