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#002 A Job is More Risky Than a Business

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2023
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TSFF #002
A Job Is More Risky Than a Business

It is a mistake to think that having a job equals income security, but starting a business is “risky.”

I like how Justin Welsh puts it… If you have a job, your personal services have one customer - your employer.

When you have a job, you sell your services wholly and completely to one customer, your employer.

That one customer determines way too much:

❌ What your services are worth

❌ How much of your time they can demand

❌ When you can be "off"

❌ When you can be interrupted to serve their demands

❌ When your services are no longer needed. And when that determination is made, usually your entire source of income vanishes.

You are effectively at the whims of another person, their opinion of you and your favorability with them.

With an online business, you completely invert that equation so that your personal services are no longer sold to a single employer, but they are marketed to a larger pool of potential buyers - your online audience.

You now have way more autonomy in this exchange.

✅ No customer can shut your business down.

When you lose a job - you often lose your sole source of income.

But in business, when you lose a customer, you only lose a percentage of your revenue. And when you serve people at scale, that percentage shrinks over time and becomes irrelevant.

This is why I love my model of online business. In it, you build an audience with helpful, relevant, consistent content. Your content does the heavy lifting of lead generation for you so that you’re never desperate to stay in the good graces of a demanding customer.

You can fire customers. No one customer can shut your business down.

 No customer can demand your time whenever they want.

You make the rules when it comes to your availability.

I walk away from my work and never get interrupted by it. Ever.

This was not the case with any employer I've ever had. When I was employed, my phone was a tether to which I was constantly connected.

That connection was expected night and day, seven day days a week. I absolutely loathed that I could never escape the constant deluge of texts, emails, and calls that I was expected to respond to nearly immediately.

✅ No customer can tell you what, or what not, to create in your business.

When you work for someone else, you exist to meet their objectives and goals.

I always felt guilty if I did work I enjoyed doing becuase it wasn’t exactly what was expected of my position. And I often had to do work that didn’t fuel me because it was connected to my position.

When you own an online business, your only limitation is yourself.

You can make content about what you love, build products that you know will help your audience, set up whatever offers you want, and be as creative as you want to be with all aspects of your business.

But so many people believe the lie that jobs are “safe” and business is “risky.”

You would never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to investing. But so many people are willing to put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to their income - it's all in the hands of one employer.

And when this is the case, you are expendable.

If you want out, there is a better way, and I’ve coached hundreds of poeple through the process of escape - A.K.A. starting their online business.

Consider this, rather than expending all your energy to invest in one customer that can fire you at any point, what if you were able to make an impact on multiple people (hundreds, even thousands) and with even less energy expended on your part?

And what if the amount of money you earn from serving those multiple people far exceeded anything any one employer would ever pay you?

If you're tempted to believe that what I'm describing is impossible. I'm living it - every day.

And so are many others who decided to take control of their value, time and life.

It’s not rocket science, it’s simply taking something you know and have experience with, and teaching others about it online using content and offering paid products such as course, coaching, and communities (membership sites).

So my question for you is this:

Have you started your online business yet?

If not, what’s your first step? And if so, what is your next step?

The path from where you are to the life you want is merely a series of steps you need to take in the right direction.

Keep reading The Six-Figure Fastlane Newsletter, and I’ll show you the exact steps to take.


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