Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Tough Questions at XLM

These last two weeks at XLM we've asked a couple of the hardest questions we could ask about our salvation in Christ.  Johnny Armstrong and I continue in the series, "Think."

This Sunday was the question:  "Does God choose me or do I choose him?"  Who is making the choice when it comes to following Jesus in faith?  For most of my life this was not even a question.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Think Part 2 - Baptism

There are a number of questions surrounding the teaching of baptism in the Bible.  Who should be baptized?  When should they be baptized?  Should we dunk or sprinkle?  What about infant baptism?  And of course what I believe to be the most important question of all, "Is baptism required for salvation?"  

In this discussion Johnny Armstrong and I deal with each of these questions, and we spend a considerable amount of time on that last one.  We seek to look at the entirety of Scripture for answers, not just what supports our position. To view message click here

My hope is to convey the beauty of baptism.  To expose its depth and wonder.  It's amazing that God has given us a tangible way to let our church, our friends, our family and the world know that we are totally in with Jesus!  Baptism is THE way we go public with our faith. There is no reason to wait or "pray about it", give your life to Christ and GET BAPTIZED ... NOW!! :)