Monday, January 30, 2012

"It's Complicated" Series Starts This Week

special thanks to our friends at Frontline for sharing their graphic

We start a new teaching series in XLM on Sunday, February 5 called, “It’s Complicated: Sex, Dating, Friendship & Boundaries”  We will look at what the Bible teaches about dating, sex, purity, lust, pornography, modesty, and preparing for marriage.  We will field questions during the series and answer them on the last week. 

We hear messages all the time from our friends, TV shows, popular culture, classmates, coworkers, neighbors and teammates about sex and relationships.  Many of these messages are contrary to what God expects out of his people.  The Bible speaks to the issue of sex and relationships very clearly, and we are going to examine what it teaches and line our lives up with it.

You may have some questions, here are some common ones asked:  

Which topics will you cover on which weeks?

Living The Mission Series Recap

This week we concluded our XLM teaching series called, Living the Mission.  In this three part series we looked at each one of our purposes to reach, grow and serve in the context of each one of us as individuals.

We each have a God-given calling on our lives that includes (at a minimum) growing in our relationship with God and others, reaching out to those around us who do not know Christ, and serving God and others in a sacrificial way.

This series explores what God's word says about our mission as followers of Christ and how we can practically live it out day to day.  You can watch all three messages from the series by clicking here.