Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Is Forgiving Part 1: He Gave

Why do we give gifts at Christmastime? Because the wise men gave gifts? Because of Santa?

As believers, our reasons for giving go well beyond legend and folklore like Santa Claus and it even goes beyond the gifts of the wise men.

We give at Christmastime because God gave to us.  He is the giver of all things.  He’s been giving since the beginning of time.  This week at XLM we began a three part series looking at the topic of giving at Christmastime.  We start by looking at God and seeing that he gave first (
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He gave life to each of us and the unique privilege of being created in his image and having communication with Him.  He gave the p
romise of blessing to Abraham and his descendants and a covenant that he would bless all of mankind through him.